Sunday, May 4, 2014


It only took me 12 years, but I found my perfect prom date!

Noah has been chaperoning his school's prom for years, and this year I had the opportunity to tag along.

I got to meet some administrators and teachers I haven't already met, and lots of Noah's students who were so sweet and funny and told me Noah talks about me all the time in class.

I was skeptical of that (haha), so I asked Noah, and he said he often walks into first period, holds up his lunch box and brags to the kids that I made it for him because I love him. Hehe, that's true. :)

I didn't want to seem like a creeper, but I really wanted to see everyone's dresses, so I found a spot to sit where I could watch everyone walk in.

It was fun seeing his water polo players all dressed up too!

We made it out to the dance floor and watched for a bit, but then we started dancing, mostly because "Cupid Shuffle" came on and Noah knows that dance, haha!

Then we just kept dancing until the end of the night, and this is how it went:
I would dance and Noah would bop his head next to me, while occasionally cracking up at my moves. :)

It was really a fun time, and if we can, we will definitely go again next year.

Inga made me my amazing corsage all from plants in her garden. Isn't it pretty?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A few things

Life is good! 

We are enjoying our beautiful spring- walking to and from school, playing outside everyday, open windows, breaking out the shorts and tees and sandals.

A few things we have been up to:

Alex got to take home "Baby Jags" (the class stuffed animal), and then write about their time together.

I will translate:
"Baby Jags watched me play baseball. Baby Jags went to the swim meet with me."

 I walked in on her folding laundry.
I'll take it!
(Even though laundry is my least hated chore)

I am working on a very special project for my gorgeous new niece, but I ran out of a very important supply, so I used the time before I could get a new one to make Lucy this new dress!

It is actually a tunic layered over a slipdress!

The pattern is here: pinwheel dress

Fancy purple binding!

Yeah, his tablet is his favorite thing.
I am very strict on the amount of time he can play on it- he gets 40 minutes after school.
So he wondered- "If I get up before you in the morning, can I play on my tablet until you wake up?" 
I agreed, thinking this was unlikely.
He now wakes up- on his own- a good 30 minutes before I do!
When I tuck them in at night with stories, he always closes his eyes while we're reading
 ("So I can fall asleep faster and wake up earlier!")

He cracks me up. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Growing, Growing

The kids are getting BIGGER!

(Of course, but sometimes I am shocked by the simple fact of their ages).

Claire is 7.5, Alexander is 6, and Lucy is 4.

We no longer have babies or toddlers.

We have "school-aged" kids.

There are times when I feel pangs of sadness at this.

I think about our lives when we had babies, and how certain things will never happen again.

I'll never trek to the grocery store, pushing two little ones in a stroller, one hand around the third in the bjorn.

We don't spend our mornings sprawled out in the living room, listening to music and playing with every single toy we own (though we still do our fair share of playing together).

I don't breathe a sigh of relief at the first sight of Noah, a.k.a. my first adult interaction all day (don't get me wrong, I love when he gets home, but the sense of urgency to speak to another adult is not as pronounced).

The kids don't bring their quilts and pillows into the kitchen while I cook dinner 
(though they often pull out their aprons and ask to help me).

But then I remind myself of all the awesome things we get to do now, that weren't possible before.

We spend almost every afternoon hanging out outside, gardening, riding bikes and scooters, talking to neighbors, etc. It used to be that our outside time was limited by the minute-to-minute needs of a baby. Feedings, diaper changes, general fussiness. 
Now, we can be outside for hours at a time, and it is so fun!

Noah and I get to sleep in on the weekends (pending extra-curriculars), because the kids can occupy themselves just fine for a few hours, thankyouverymuch!

The conversations we have are surprisingly deep and thoughtful.
I love how each of them thinks, and wonders, and inquires.

My body is my own!
I loved nursing my babies, but it's nice to keep my shirt buttoned all day too!

Kids who can use the bathroom on their own.
Enough said. 

There are times when I drive by a park and I see a mama with very young kids and babies, playing the way mine used to play, with chubby hands exploring grass and sand, and squealing at the first time on the swing,
 and I will not lie, I feel a pang of jealousy.

And I don't think my absolute love for newborns will ever dwindle.

But I am so very happy having kids who are always growing.

And when I get so nostalgic for the baby and toddler years that I cry, I remember Dr. Seuss:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

And smile because our three are growing into pretty awesome people. :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Riding a Two-Wheeler!

Lucy has always been a fast learner.
She was zooming on a scooter at 18 months, and she learned to jump rope when she was barely 3.

So we had reason to believe she would be quick to hop on a two-wheeler as well.

We were right. :)

She has been asking for many months now (but she was still 3 then for one, and for two, Claire's old bike was a bit broken-down, and we hadn't fixed it yet), and Noah finally got around to it this last weekend.

He did his usual two-wheel routine (this is his third one, after all), teaching her first how to fall properly in the grass, then teaching her how to brake, then finally asking if she was ready to go in the street (we are lucky to live on a very, very quiet cul-de-sac).

Of course, she was as ready as could be!

Claire and Alexander caught on very quick as well, 
both needing very little instruction before being comfy pedaling with no support. 

Lucy, however, was so quick, that the look on her face was not one that said "WOW! I'm doing it!" (like she had when she learned to jump rope), but one that said "Yeah, they finally let me on the two-wheeler, now I can do my thing."

That first time, she was up and down the street, turning into driveways, riding up, zooming back down many times before she finally stopped!

In fact, the video I took on Noah's cell phone was so long I couldn't send it to the grandparents, and instead had to take a shorter video later on. :)
That first time!

The big kids were proud of her and also challenged her to do their favorite trick- standing up while riding, which she mastered on the second try.

Here's our biggest girl!

Yeah, she's pretty happy. :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Olympics

I am basically Olympics-obsessed.

I am definitely going through withdrawals now that they are done, and will probably spend a fair amount of my after-the-kids-are-tucked-in free time on youtube reliving past Olympics and waiting impatiently for NBC to release the rights to the 2014 broadcasts so I can watch them again!

The other neat thing about the Olympics, is nostalgia.

For example, when I think back to each of the Olympics since I've had kids, my memories of them at that age are so clear.

Beijing 2008: Noah hooked up a really old t.v. for me in the dining room, and I remember getting almost 2-year old Claire, and baby Alexander into bed, then racing out to the dining room table, at which I scrap-booked for the next few hours while I watched Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin, etc. make history.

Vancouver 2010: Lucy was a newborn, and again, I would tuck Claire and Alex in, then park my bootie on the rocking chair with Lucy for the next few hours. I remember being up in the middle of night with her, and while normally I would stay in bed and nurse her back to sleep, during these two weeks, we went out to the living room and watched the late-night broadcast.

London 2012: This was a really exciting Olympics, because it was the first one I shared with the kids. They stayed up late every night to watch with me, and I remember them asking tons of questions about the events. 
They were totally fascinated with the gymnastics, and since Claire had just started swim club, she was in love with Missy Franklin (they had the same goggles). 

One night, they set out this bright pink sheet as their "floor" and made up floor exercise routines.

(Ok I'm totally embarrassed sharing these pictures of my living room, but I'm doing it anyway...)

They also used the "floor" as a craft space haha

Sochi 2014: Again, the kids were so into it!
It's a bummer that these games were during school, but they got to stay up on non-school nights, and I showed them highlights online the next day.
Their favorite events were snowboarding, downhill skiing and figure skating.

This was the first time they each expressed dreams of going to the Olympics someday, 
a dream I think most kids share. 

So now I eagerly await Rio 2016, and I cannot wait to share it with my kidlets again. :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014


We had decided it was time to get a second dog for Sparkle to play with, and Aunt Mira found a great one at work (she is a vet tech, and she works with Animal Compassion Team, one of the best Pet Rescues in our area). We were all so excited to foster Margo (we re-named her Gracie because of her color), and we all fell in love with her at once. However, Sparkle and Gracie did not get along. They either ignored each other or growled at each other, so we made the very difficult decision to give Gracie back. Many tears were shed, but we all know that Gracie will find a perfect home for her. And some family out there is looking for their own "Sparkle" and will find her soon when they find Gracie. We will always love you, Gracie-Dog!

They were probably growling at each other when I took this picture, crazy dogs!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A few weeks late...(bad mama!)

LuluBelle is 4!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
New dress in fabric she chose.

I made her a new quilt. :)

 And a new pillowcase.

LuluBelle is what she likes to be called. :)

 Warm, soft flannel for the back.
 A fun new apron!

 Pushing her new stroller (from Nana and Grampa) to school.
There is a doll, a hairbush and a butterfly net (that is covering the baby's head) haha!
She had a great day, and so did we.
We love our Lucy Girl!